Smart-Up 60-day

Future Proof Yourself & your organisation

Jump in a life transforming adventure, with our pragmatic, real-world approach.

Your perfect mix of daily consulting, mentoring, Coaching & Peer learning, guide step by step toward a new range of possibilities.


60-day program
Future Proof Yourself or your organisation

Jump in a life transforming adventure, that will make your habits work for you, and much more…


12 weeks, online
4-6 hours per week

Program fee

CHF 5’555 (+VAT)

Why now is the right time?

In the current post pandemic world, while AI is bringing some new opportunities & changes, individuals and companies are re-thinking what next step they should take, being able to scan the market for insights can help you clarify your next opportunity.

Our 60-day program is the baseline program of weinvolve, we created a content on a unified platform, designed to bring results. How to tap into your client or stakeholder source of learning and transform it into value.

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Who should attend

This program is for individuals or teams and who want to learn & apply a proven, systematic approach to design products or services. Anyone responsible for driving innovation, growth, or wanting to learn more about the best practices in the field of Human-centered design.

  • Explorer, you wants to promote or deploy an idea within your organisation, wants to bring more impact with co-creation while learning.
  • You are Intrapreneur, Director, Founder, CEO, who wants to build a value added company fast while minimising risks and generate green profits.
  • You are a Corporate Warrior, Product, Marketing Manager,  Designer, who wants to help your organisation transform itself and build a culture of Impactful Innovation

    Transformation Journey

    Mastering Human-centered Design is for teams and individuals who want to learn and apply a proven, systematic evidence-based strategy. The process puts unmet customer needs at the center of the problem, and every step helps creating solution & adding value to your product or service.

    Join the program to accelerate the learning and applying by collaborating on your real project applications. This will allow for a diversity of perspectives and help you build an action plan to take you and/or your business to the next level.

    Begin your 60-day transformation journey:

    • ME Module: Strength analysis, Baselining, Why, Action & Productivity hacks, Story telling
    • THEM Module: Advanced Design-Thinking, Ethnographic research, Listening skills, Brainstorming, Ideation, Prototyping, Collective intelligence
    • US Module: Prospection, Strategy Building, Business Plan, Sales psychology, Building decision making process
    • WE Module: Setting up an ecosystem, Accelerated learning & Interactive pitching

    Program Experience

    • Working on YOUR OWN REAL project
    • Access to our learning platform
    • 60-day powerful videos
    • Kickstarter call
    • Tool box
    • weekly video group calls with your mentor
    • ONE / ONE strategic call
    • Weekly goals sessions
    • Accountability community & partner
    • Hardcopy of the 24hour Journal

    What Participants Say

    Alexandre: It’s so interesting what I managed to achieve in the program. I learnt about myself, new skills. You’re making concrete steps forward. You learn how to prototype and how to improve step-by-step your product or service. You have to see it as an accelerator. I now have time to develop my own project, the best of both worlds. It’s not a concept anymore, I have clients, a prototype, get feedback and improve.

    Armin Müller: “Due to Covid 19, my business went to zero… We worked on my branding, I am now the white glove sommelier.I could built-up a customer base more than 30 clients… Due to the program, not only the business side, but also the personal relationship improved.”

    Elena Arzate: “I was so overwhelmed with all the tasks which were on my plate. Wioletta gave me the tools to gain more time and be more focused thanks to priority hacks. I can now start the day on my own terms and get this sense of accomplishment… I innovate everyday and re-invent myself. I have less fear.”


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