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Future-Proof yourself & your organisation

Enable your team and organisation to confidently navigate  in uncertain times. Unlock your full potential, creates sustainable change.

Transformative leadership Program for ambitious, High potential leaders.

What is it?

Business enablement program to create productive, engaged and focused employees ready to take more responsibilities and face new challenges.

What it takes?

60-days remote (+1 month integration)

20 minutes per day.                 

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Are your High Potentials burning-out or just quiet quitting?

With the transformation of the workplace, high-potentials cannot rely anymore on their set of skills and experience to navigate, drive their organisation, without burn-out. They lose their sense of purpose

Organisations struggle to provide long-term outlook and a sense of purpose to their workforce. Instead leaving money on the table trying to develop strong leaders.

Loyalty and retention

Life/work integration rather than life balance. Your employees discover a new sense of purpose by playing on their strength and developing.

Engagement & value

Content strictly tight to the needs of the business. Your employees see through the commercial lens, and see you as a clients to deliver the most value.

Creativity & performance

Creativity will improve as well as effectiveness and performance through positive habits creation. 

Through our system your people directly implement all the knowledge and execute at the same time.

Problem solving and Innovation

Leaders will acquire the skills of the future and will be able to solve problems on the go, adapt into new situation and find new solutions. 

Collaboration, Not Competition

Live by design and lead by example. Become the best version of yourself and work on your strengths and where you can add the most value for the team & organisation.

Synergy in Community

We believe we’re stronger together and that creativity is a social animal and we can tap into collective intelligence to maximise our opportunities. That’s why we invite you to join our neuron@work community to feed your creativity with enriching interaction.

Don’t leave money on the table

Stop paying twice for employee development and leave money on the table.

Learning and development of your employees can be very expensive and disconnected from the business and its bottom line.

Where is the return on this investment?

Why should you pay for education leading to promotion and salary increase without parallel benefits? 

Did you know that your employees will forget 70% of the knowledge within 72 hours and 90% within 31 days.

Have a look for the below crucial point:

  1. You pay for the training fees
  2. You pay for the employee time being away doing that course
  3. You get backlog of their work during their absence
  4. You hire expensive consultants, who take the knowledge away with no lasting change.
  5. Your employees feel less empowered and rewarded. 

But where is the benefit?

YES your money, their time and effort, the knowledge acquired, all is GONE.

The good news

We hold a 100% success rate with our clients. 

Our method is based on natural human behaviours and company needs. Business execution learning. 

With our system, your leaders directly implement the knowledge and execute at the same time. The content is strictly tight to the needs of your business. We help your employees to see through commercial lenses.

  • NO WASTED TIME out of business 
  • NO more case study: only real company projects and day-to-day activities application, delivering direct outcome 
  • NO more disconnected education from execution and duplicated payments

    Elena Diversity & Inclusion Leader Viatris

    “I was given the tools to gain more time and be more focused.

    I can start the day on my own terms and have this sense of accomplishment at a very early, which is very powerful.

    I can prioritise better. I know my strengths. I am confident, I NOW have the ability of think differently, to innovate every day and think of doing something new every day and reinvent myself.

    I also have let go of the need of being perfect and just try and learn from it, so I’m showing up in a very powerful way, not only in my private life with my family, but also at work. I feel more satisfied, less fearful of trying new things and simply appreciate my colleagues and my job.”

    Alexandre Trading Specialist Fujax

    “It’s so interesting what I managed to achieve in 1 year. When the company I was working for was shot down, I didn’t want the same job, and the same stress. When I joined, I was very confused. I learnt about myself, new skills. The best is the group interaction. Wioletta keeps you on the right path. You have this motivation. You’re making concrete steps forward. You learn how to prototype and how to improve step-by-step your product or service. You have to see it as an accelerator. On your own, it will be longer, you’ll make more mistakes. The magic is that I got a job I thought I’d never get. In the trading industry, a part-time job doesn’t exist.

    I now have time to develop my own project, the best of both worlds. It’s not a concept anymore, I have clients, a prototype, get feedback and improve.”

    Andrea Client Management at UBS

    “This program helps me find the time to reflect on who I am, and what I want in my life, to find my strengths, my values and my purpose and fight my inner thoughts. I learnt to overcome my procrastination and internal obstacles and start something.

    I’m more focused thanks to all the tips and hacks we receive. It also helps me to free up time from my back-to-back meetings and deliver what I want and fail forward.

    We learn design thinking and how to be innovative. It is not about me, but about the client, what’s valuable to them and how to create experience.

    I also really love the exchange with the community. People sitting on the same boat, having the same issues and questions. We learn and support each other.

    Transformation Journey

    Take the Me2We transformation journey for teams and leaders, who want to learn and apply a proven, systematic evidence-based strategy. The process puts unmet clients/stakeholders needs at the centre of the problem, and every step helps creating solution & adding value to your output.

    Join the program to accelerate the learning and applying by collaborating on real project. This will allow for a diversity of perspectives and help you build action plans to take you and your organisation to the next level.

    Begin Now your transformation journey:

    • ME Module: Strength analysis, Baselining, Why, Action & Productivity hacks, Story telling
    • THEM Module: Advanced Design-Thinking, Ethnographic research, Listening skills, Brainstorming, Ideation, Prototyping, Collective intelligence
    • US Module: Prospection, Strategy Building, Business Plan, Sales psychology, Building decision making process
    • WE Module: Setting up an ecosystem, Accelerated learning & Interactive pitching

    The total length of the program is 21 weeks because we know that unexpected things can come toward your business. We know how unpredictable it can be and we know that your employees need support and guidance in this journey. 

    Within the overall duration is the 9 weeks of hands-on daily content that allows your employee to grow, change and directly impact your business that you can see within a few weeks. Delivered in 10-20 min daily sessions and 5 min homework directly related to your projects no extra time out of business.

    • 3 Weeks of Leadership daily lessons with hands on practical experiences that allows to rewire the brain. Remove old limiting habits and replace them with new positive ones leading to more job satisfaction, energy, engagement and positive attitude
      • Week 1: Setting up new habits and creating conscious behaviours 
      • Week 2: Understanding yourself, courageous leadership, decision making
      • Week 3: Working effectively and increasing focus and productivity
    • 5 weeks of creativity, innovation, client experience and design thinking delivered on the company’s own project. Understanding clients needs, idea generation, and prototyping. 
    • 1 week of entre/intra-preneurship skills and accelerated learning.

      Program Experience

      • Kickstarter call to accelerate
      • Working on REAL BUSINESS project or just day-today activities
      • 60-day daily effective videos
      • Clarity 3-hour group workshop (online) – hot seats to understand your patterns and dreams. Setting up your own projects.
      • Tool box
      • Bi-Weekly group video calls with your mentor
      • Weekly goals sessions
      • 2 x ONE / ONE strategic call
      • Accountability partner and progress KPI tracking


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