Corporate Warrior

As a warrior, you want to lead the way to facilitate organizational change. Whether you’re part of a profit business, an NGO, or a governemental department, you want to embed a cultgure of human-centered innovation, creativity, growth, and co-creation into your organization’s daily life.

Our Warrior Path may be for you if:

  • You want to encourage innovation within your organiza- tion
  • You want to introduce Human-Centered Design principles to management and development
  • You want to provide employees with a professional-deve- lopment program that supports real personal growth
  • You want to learn how to facilitate Co-Creation and interdepartmental collaboration.
  • You want to see real results quickly

On the Warrior Path you will:

  • Learn how to create an ecosystem that supports innova- tion from all levels and sources within your organization and value partners.
  • Discover how to connect with and influence people, deliver presentations and create projects that deliver value and drive innovative change throughout your organization.
  • Embed growth personal development into your employee training and support programs, creating a workforce that’s armed with the skills to meet ever-changing needs creatively, with team spirit and compassion.
  • Learn through working on real-life projects with real-life outcomes. No case studies, no wasted time, just genuine impact from the outset.

Why join us?

  • Are you processing numerous innovative projects and cannot decide in which ones you need to invest.
  • Are you tired of spending milions on consulting and still struggling with execution?
  • Are you wondering how to bring stakeholders on board and ensure collaboration across departments or how to move a big company forward?
  • Internal training and development is disconnected from the work your employees are doing?
  • Wondering how to incorporate Human Centered design, client experience into your organisation and scale it up rapidly to gain a competitive advantage?

What is it?

We have created a proven system that seamlessly transforms you from Me (selling my ideas outward) into We strategy where you become an integrated part of the customer ecosystem, that builds trust and helps you create innovative, sustainable products and services with which people fall in love.

We transform corporate cultures while educating your employees on live projects that ensure rapid results. We integrate execu- tion skills to ensure lasting change.

The best thing about it is that it’s easy to implement and scales up virally, positively impacting the entire organisation.

Nothing stays the same forever. Every organization needs to be able to adapt to the changing world. Whether you have a specific challenge to overcome, or just want to ensure your organization is future-proof and forward thinking, we will teach you to meet tomorrow with open eyes and minds. We’ve give you not only the skills and structures you need to plan, organize, and implement change that lasts but also behaviours that make that happen.

Your future is only as bright as your product pipeline. Our Me-To-We system is designed to fill that pipeline with innovative but more powerful successful ideas that your customers will love, because they have had a hand in their creation.

Don’t let your after-dinner talks put your team into a food coma! Whether your organization may not be ready for a full-fledged program, you want to introduce the concept as a precursor to one, or you just want a talk on a specific aspect of the program to whet your team’s appetites, after-dinner engagements with Wioletta are anything but a snooze-fest. Let Wioletta invigorate your team at your next corporate event.

Have a specific challenge you want help to overcome? Talk to us about tailored corporate projects. We will put together a program to help your team see things from a different perspective, work through the issues with value stakeholder partners, and connect creatively to bring value to your solutions together.

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