Co-Creative Space

At weinvolve, we believe in whole-life integration rather than work/life balance. And our brand new Human Valley’s Business Incubator space is designed to give you the tools and the space to do just that.

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Co-Creative Space

As you might expect from a company that brings you Business as Unusual, weinvolve’s co-creative office space is anything but your average workplace. It’s a playground for creativity, an innovation lab, and a social meeting place rolled into one. Our Human Valley headquarters is Possibility Central. From the moment you walk through the doors, you enter a wonderland of business adventures, solopreneurs, business owners, SMEs, corporate warriors and explorers of all stripes come together to bring ideas to life.


We have the Explorer Corner, where you can relax and chat while pushing the boundaries of your creativity. Whether you jam with musical instruments, play with the props, or brainstorm as a group, this corner is set up to spark your imagination and genius.


The Entrepreneurs’ corner is an ideal place for cozy chats with clients or to hatch joint ventures and projects with like-minded High-Flyers on a mission to change the world for the better. You can even invite your clients in to meet you for coffee.

Corporate warrior

While the Corporate Corner has all you need to host your business meetings in a comfortable group setting that inspires team building.

Co-creating space

We also have a desk-work area where you can focus individually or in small groups in a more traditional work setting.

Relax & fun corner

And because we believe in whole-life integration rather than work/life balance, we also have a build-up space where you can relax and refresh your creative energy. Play pool, hang from the rafters, or walk the red carpet, it’s all cool.

Share & build together

Places are available to rent at the Human Valley for individuals working remotely to reconnect with others, to build together, and to share a social space responsibly. Because creativity is a social animal, and working in isolation for prolonged periods can diminish work enjoyment and lead to mental health issues, if you can’t go to your office, come to ours.

Easy set-up and access to the World

The whole of Possibility Central is set up so that you can host a live event in our physical space, go live online, or manage a hybrid event. All you need to do is connect your phone, tablet, or laptop, connect to our smartboard and other technology, and you’re ready to broadcast worldwide.

Workshop & conference space

Or you can hire the entire space of 160m2 or a part of it for one-off or recurring corporate or business events, such as workshops, conferences, team-building exercises or design sprints.

Everything is possible

When we say we’re changing the way we do business and make money, that includes where we work. At weinvolve, we believe anything is possible, all you have to do is figure it out. And Human Valley’s Possibility Central is designed to give you the tools and the space to do just that.

Where to find us

That you come with public transport or your own vehicle, the access is straight forward. 5min by foot from Wettingen train station or right at the exit of the motorway. Surprisingly enough, you can take a break and enjoy a sunny moment next to the Limmat in a peaceful environment.

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What you can expect:
  • Giant interactive screen and beamer for hybrid meetings
  • Creativity corner
  • Entrepreneurial mindset and support
  • Perfect offsite location with garden space
  • Nearby Beer garden and Pizzeria
  • Ideally located: 5 min walk from train station. Easy car access.
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