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Through interactive, engaging and experiential workshops and events, Wioletta Simonet shows human value explorers, business leaders and entrepreneurs how to adapt to changing and challenging circumstances and thrive in the modern world.

Looking for a speaker to give a talk how to Hacking Human Value in an interactive and tranforming fashion, you’re in luck.



I joined Ilona Weiss – Chairman and CEO at B8 International, Karen Shidlo -Marketing Manager at Fiat24, Susanne Hannestad – CEO at Fintech Mundi, and Delphine Trabaldo Togna – Co-founder at Board Owl & Dr Martha Boeckenfeld, who chaired the panel on the Innovation Empowered by Female Founders, Leaders and Influencers panel, and was impressed by the quality, drive and leadership presented there.


And believe it or not, we are building something like this. We have been developing a real-life business game where everyone can create and build their own business without capital for over a year now. We already have over a hundred clients on the platform, some of whom have their own clients on there as well. 

And for the first time ever, I pitched our real-life gaming business platform in public. As a sneak peek of what’s to come, here’s some of what I covered in the pitch:

  • We transform passive content consumers into active business creators
  • We take a person and create a lifetime learner and economy creator
  • We help to build businesses without capital and monetize them 
  • We transform users to owners, followers to leaders, and empower the ownership economy by turning learning and business into a fun and profitable experience
  • We build and scale digital economies by removing barriers to entry and creating social impact
  • Best of all, it is fun and positively addictive, so everyone wants to be on this platform and grow.
  • In just one year we have built an MVP, run multiple real projects on the platform, and have worked with hundreds of clients to start engaging their clients.
  • We are ready to scale up in Q4 and launch to the public.
  • We are a diverse and high performing team with backgrounds in psychology, design thinking, IT, platform design and business development.

    DO the Leadership ​@UBS

    Leadership is not what you have but what you do.

    World Creativity & Innovation Week

    It was my great honour and pleasure to be invited to speak at the WCIW conference in Seychelles, in Victoria, Mahé by Marie-Antoinette and Jim Friedman. The three-day event was about Creative Collaboration and building a Creative, Sustainable Economy for Seychelles. We had different speakers at our ‘Business as UNusual’ workshop and also had a hot seat session.

    As the Creativity and Innovation Champion for Switzerland, creativity and innovation are close to my heart, and I love being a part of something that celebrates and promotes individual and collective creativity and collaboration as a way to both make money and enhance sustainability. This is exactly what we are talking about when we say we blend people, profits and the planet, and that if we change the way we do business, we can change the world


    Our Workshop takes attendees through the Me-to-We Framework in a hands-on co-creation experience. Since most people operate from a place of ME, thinking first about what they want and how they can get it, and selling ideas outward, we begin by looking at core strengths and setting ourselves up for success.

    Through hands-on work on a real project, we move beyond Me thinking to consider THEM. By thinking about who the client is and what they want, we introduce a strategy businesses integrate into the client ecosystem. Then we teach how to mitigate risk and co-create value with your clients by inviting them into your world to become part of your US team and become your “sustomers” (sustainable customers).

    Finally, the WE portion of the event shows how to build a mutually supportive ecosystem that consistently produces irresistible offers, and how to iterate for reliable results.

    In Seychelles, we encountered a powerful crowd with people from diverse industries including education, students, tax-advise, organic agriculture, carpentry, UN advocacy, politics, hospitality, fishing, conservation and coral restoration, construction, recycling, local farming, car rental, fashion, pet trading, yoga teaching, sewing, business development, mentorship and coaching.

    The event saw some powerful presentations, which we touched on last week, powerful conversations and an exchange of ideas, which we will discuss more next week when I share the workshop outcomes.

    As an attendee, Peter Sinon said, ‘The event presented opportunities to network and raise awareness on a number of critical issues. It touched both the personal and wider setting within which we operate and through the sharing of experiences one leaves the workshop hungry of more.

    Berlin Banking European Digital Summit 2019

    Reviews from participants

    Jay Tulloch, Head of Design, Metro Bank
    Martin, Head of Customer & CX Mngmnt, Tesco Bank European digital banking summit in Berlin
    Spiros, N°1 FinTech European digital banking summit in Berlin


    Global Women Zurich – September 2021

    Luzerne University of Applied Sciences & Arts – Cyber Security

    HSLU Department of Computer Science & Information Technology as the speaker of the 2nd Cyber Security Women’s Event.

    Taking banks to the digital level

    UBS holds an international conference to reflect on the future of banking
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