Corporate Leader

As a business leader, you are focused on growing a strong organisation, while minimising your risks and maximising profits. But you want to build something with meaning, that adds value to your customers and community, and the world at large and reinvent for profit.

Our Leader Path may be for you if:

  • You want to grow your business fast with minimal risk
  • You want to connect with customers on a meaningful level
  • You want to learn how to Co-Create high-value products your customers will love
  • You want to maximize profits while growing your reputa- tion
  • You want to make a difference and bring value to the world

On the Leader Path you will:

  • Learn how to differentiate yourself by value and leave selling by price and product in the past, along with costly marketing campaigns that underperform.
  • Discover how to connect with customers and value stakeholders on a meaningful level to gather insight and to navigate rapidly changing customer expectations.
  • Learn how to test new ideas, and work with customers to co-create value they pay you more for.
  • Generate more profit and grow with your clients to build trust and to operate in a digital world with human dimen- sions.

Why join us?

  • Are you tired of heavy selling your products and services, and of the inevitable costly marketing campaign?
  • You have a lot of ideas, but don’t know which one to choose or how to execute it?
  • You want to understand how to navigate rapidly changing customer expectations?
  • You want to generate more green profit and grow with your clients, build trust and be prepared to operate in a digital world but with human dimensions?

“This program helps me find the time to reflect on who I am, and what I want in my life, to find my strengths, my values and my purpose and fight my inner thoughts. I learnt to overcome my procrastination and internal obstacles and start something.

I’m more focused thanks to all the tips and hacks we receive. It also helps me to free up time from my back-to-back meetings and deliver what I want and fail forward.

We learn design thinking and how to be innovative. It is not about me, but about the client, what’s valuable to them and how to create experience.

I also really love the exchange with the community. People sitting on the same boat, having the same issues and questions. We learn and support each other.

“It’s so interesting what I managed to achieve in the program. When the company I was working for was shot down, I didn’t want the same job, and the same stress. When I joined, I was very confused. I learnt about myself, new skills. The best is the group interaction. Wioletta keeps you on the right path. You have this motivation. You’re making concrete steps forward. You learn how to prototype and how to improve step-by-step your product or service. You have to see it as an accelerator. On your own, it will be longer, you’ll make more mistakes. The magic is that I got a job I thought I’d never get. In the trading industry, a part-time job doesn’t exist.

I now have time to develop my own project, the best of both worlds. It’s not a concept anymore, I have clients, a prototype, get feedback and improve.”

“Wioletta has given me the tools to gain more time and be more focused.

I can start the day on my own terms and have this sense of accomplishment at a very early stage of the day, which is very powerful.

I can prioritise better on doing things that are important and not urgent. I know what my strengths are. I am confident, I NOW have the ability of think differently, to innovate every day and think of doing something new every day and reinvent myself.

I also have let go of the need of being perfect and just try and learn from it, so I’m showing up in a very powerful way, not only in my private life with my family, but also at work. I feel more satisfied, less fearful of trying new things and simply appreciate my colleagues and my job.”

What is it?

We have created a proven system that seamlessly transforms you from Me (selling my ideas outward) into We strategy where you become an integrated part of the customer ecosystem, that builds trust and helps you create innovative, sustainable products and services with which people fall in love.

You learn to transform your business into a human and world value co-creator using human centered design, behavioural econo- mics, innovation.

You acquire a “steering wheel” that allows you to navigate in an ever-changing marketplace.

We provide the opportunities in which we co-create your business with your clients. You benefit from the people in our community to help you achieve the extraordinary throughout the process.

We ensure you get results, make progress and keep your clients in the loop.

The best thing about it is that it’s super easy to follow. You simultaneously learn and deliver, and create irresistable offers while growing professionally and personally. It is as much a life as a business changing journey!

Our proven system takes you seamlessly from selling your ideas with a “Me” focus, to concentrating on your customers, clients, and value stakeholders, and building an ecosystem where you can connect with them on a meaningful level to co-create value. The system gets you working with your value partners early, and creating based on what they want, building trust and partnership that supercharges your business’s growth potential.

Best of all, our system is super easy to follow. It’s not all theory that you struggle to apply to your business. You simultaneously learn and deliver, and start creating irresistible offers while growing professionally and perso- nally.

Because you’re building with your customers to create sustainable products and services with which people fall in love, your time to market and developmental costs are reduced to a minimum. Better yet, you’ll never launch to crickets, or worry about wasting time creating something no one wants.

Because you’re co-creating with human-centered design principles and behavioural economics fuelling your innovation, you will be transforming your business from just an other competitor in a crowded marketplace into a thought leader and lifestyle brand your value partners will be proud to promote for you.

The Me-to-We System will act as your steering wheel, allowing you to navigate in an ever-changing marketplace. We work directly with you and your clients to co-create value and generate results that will push you to the forefront of your industry or market niche.

It is as much a life-changing journey as a business changing system!

Take your first step today

Watch our masterclass “business as Unusual” and learn how to adapt fast and cheap, how to de-risk your next move.

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