Where your neurons go to work to make a real difference!

Neuron@work, we are tapping into collective intelligence to discover unexplored business and career opportunities for reinvention, transformation, and success!

Connect with other Me-To-We strategists, innovators, and value creators in the neuron@work community. Because we believe creativity feeds on synergy, we love to connect our customers, clients, and value partners, and to see what you can achieve together. Tap into collective intelligence for free

To create the most powerful products, services and businesses, we involve your clients in driving your future together.

We believe in the extraordinary power of human beings. To get the best results fast in everything we do, we involve:


untapped COGNITIVE abilities


EMOTIONAL experiences


take ACTION to create results FAST

and we hyperintegrate the skill of execution in everything we do.

We hack human value and investigate what is important to your employees, clients and stakeholders. We help you learn what they really care

about so that you can build a successful business that introduces real value into everyday human lives

and to the World. We learn and work on real product development simultaneously, so you get results instantly.

Everything is possible.
We just need to figure it out.

Every part of this exciting journey has been carefully created with purpose and is designed to get you lasting results fast. We combine behavioural economics, psychology, business innovation,

Human-Centered Design, and design thinking to give you not only tools and strategies but also the behaviours that drive you towards success.

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