About us

We are a crowdsulting boutique and family business with strong values. We consult leaders & teams to help them future proofing themselves & their organisations. We learn and work on real product simultaneously, so you get results instantly.

Together with your stakeholders and ecosystems, we help co-creating memorable experiences. Translating insights into high value products or services that matters, blending profit with purpose to make a difference in people’s everyday lives.

Because we admire the incredible power of the human brain and all the opportunities, we have around us.

Our vision

A race to the top. A world where businesses co-create value and only value with/for their clients.

Our mission

Change the way we do business and make money; because we believe, if we change that, we change the world.

Meet The Founder

I am Wioletta Simonet, Top Human Value Hacker, International Speaker, and recovering banking rebel. I see opportunities everywhere. Ideas come to me easily. I believe everything is possible, we simply need to start!

I am fascinated by human beings. What makes people tick, how and why we make decisions, and what we value the most are the questions that drive my every decision. I love turning insights into meaningful offers that create life-changing experiences and help businesses grow with their clients. I use accelerated techniques that get results rapidly and efficiently while minimising the risk and building lots of customer trust.

Using easy-to-implement, proven Me2We high-profit strategies. Calling myself a business doctor, I am helping organisations to confidently enter this new decade and seamlessly navigate uncertain customer-driven markets. I combine Human-Centered Design, social sciences, behavioural economics, psychology, and business innovation to co-create meaningful, extraordinary experiences and subsequently turn them into irresistible offers.

I am recognised by IDEO and the University of Pennsylvania as one of the top-20 high-potential leaders in this field worldwide. I am addicted to growth: I follow the principle of reading a minimum of 50 books a year, investing in myself with at least 30% of my income, and taking myself and others out of our comfort zones.

Whenever I get people together in a room, magic happens. These experiences are designed to move people, deliver results, and grow businesses!

What we stand for

Challenge Everything

We don’t believe in accepting the status quo, and challenge leadership paradigmes. That’s why we encourage you to challenge established thought, to design with creativity and passion, and to connect ideas for novel value.

Brillance Beats Perfection

We don’t believe in perfection. Perfect for you may not be perfect for your clients, customers, co-creative partners and stakeholders. We do believe in learning fast and iterating to brilliance. That’s why we teach you to do just that.

Differentiate Through Value

We believe the days of successfully compe- ting based on price and product are over. That’s why we encourage you to replace selling with caring, and teach you to co-create value for your business, your clients, and your community. Join the race to the top.

Meaningful Profits

We believe that when you create sustainable value, your clients will pay you more, and we have the stats to prove it. That’s why we teach you to blend profit with trust and purpose.

Collaboration, Not Competition

We believe in striving to be better today than we were yesterday and better tomorrow than we are today. That’s why we encourage you to make your past performance your measure of success and to invest in yourself to learn and grow with your client partners to be in a class of your own.

Synergy in Community

We believe we’re stronger together and that creativity is a social animal and we can tap into collective intelligence to maximise our opportunities. That’s why we invite you to join our neuron@work community to feed your creativity with enriching interaction.

Meet your crowdsultants

Wioletta Simonet

Founder & CEO

Christophe Simonet

Integrator – Business development

What we do

We work with successful international corporate warriors who want to grow WITH their organisation, navigate in the uncertain world. weinvolve is all about making business MEANINGFUL, SUSTAINABLE, and PROFITABLE through innovation

Innovate to Impact

The only certainty you have as a business leader is that change and disruption are here to stay. Everything we see in the world stems from the incredible power of the human brain, generating the change and all the opportunities we have around us. Succeeding in a disrupted environment relies on your ability to connect, link different concepts, ideas and innovate. Creating something new is how you can thrive in a market where embracing change is a prerequisite for success. Your partners are expecting it form you. You customers too. And if you don’t, they will simply look somewhere else.

There is ample evidence out there to motivate you in this direction.

A Walter study indicates that client experience will supplant price or product as a key brand differentiator.

Furthermore, organisations that focus on customer experience outperform other companies by as much as 211%.

This is where co-creating a unique customer experience will make all the difference to your bottom line.

Everything we do is geared towards generating value in people’s lives and for the planet while increasing profits. Because we believe that people deserve to live better lives, to be fulfilled creatively and to live prosperously. We believe that business doesn’t have to be cutthroat, and doesn’t have to be in competition with nature. In fact, the best businesses come from the business of making the world a better place.

We are fascinated by human beings, what makes people tick, how and why we make decisions, and what we value the most are some of the most compelling questions for me. I love turning insights into meaningful offers that create life-changing experiences and help businesses to grow with their clients.

Because I’m impatient and full of energy, I have learned to use accelerated techniques that get results fast. And while working fast can mean cutting corners and getting sloppy, I’ve found that following a system ensures fast means efficient. Having those ‘rails’ in place allows us to minimise risk by making a series of small experiments rather than one big gamble, while building trusting and mutually beneficial working relationships.

Using easy to implement, evidence-based and high-profit Me2We strategies, we help organisations to confidently approach this new decade and smoothly navigate in an uncertain customer-driven market.

Our Story Act of Kindness
during Covid19

When COVID-19 hit, suddenly everything was locked down. Businesses were closed. Life was on hold. Including my first contract (worth a few million) as an entrepreneur…
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When COVID-19 hit, suddenly everything was locked down. Businesses were closed. Life was on hold. Including my first contract (worth a few million) as an entrepreneur…

Almost overnight, everything was different. My husband and I were at home with three young children, and my business plans were up in the air. So, there was an element of insecurity; a sense that something fundamental and basic had somehow shifted.

For a start, apart from core workers and health professionals, everyone was being told to stay home. While some were teleworking, whole industries were simply closed. Tourism and travel? Forget it. Entertainment? Nope, watch something online.

Social media became a lifeline for everyone. FaceTime the default method of communication for many. There was an air of everyone having a government-sponsored staycation. Enforced idleness combined with huge doses of bewilderment at what was happening and fear for the future, overlaid with a thin veneer of gaiety.

Anyone who knows me knows that, faced with enforced idleness and messages of helplessness, I’m not going to sit quiet for long. It was making me crazy.

How could this be possible?

How could doing NOTHING be the most helpful response?

The way I saw it, there was PLENTY I could do.

First we gave all our elderly neighbours a letter offering to do their shopping for them if needed.

Then, as the veneer of gaiety on social platforms began to crack, and the fear started to grow into panic and desperation, fuelled by boredom, I knew I had a way to help.

I asked my mentor to deliver a live training session to help people through the crisis, because she is a mediation and personal growth expert. We talked about it and decided the best way to spread the word was to use a Pay-It-Forward style Act of Kindness chain.

The idea was that she would do something for others, and then tag three people to do the same. The training would be her Act of Kindness, she posted the training and kicked off the #ActOfKindness campaign…. And nominated me!

Already in the process of building the weinvolve website, finalising the Me-To-We system, and establishing the neuron@work community, we decided to make our offering something synergistic.

We knew people would be stuck at home for the next couple of months, and building bad habits. Companies would be closing without clients, and the economy falling. We decided to put something together that would help people use that time to reinvent their businesses, build creativity, and generate profit.

We kicked off a 60-Day free challenge and set up a Facebook group to support it. We promoted the challenge through a series of live webinars, and we used the initial challenge to fine-tune and test the Me-To-We system and to shape our offering.

You can read all about that initial challenge, and some of the wonderful things that came out of it on our blog.

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