26 June, 2023

One Magical Word Where Freedom Begins

26 June, 2023

“With” vs “For”. A tiny change in preposition that promises to radically shift your perspective on work, and in doing so, might just transform your entire life. Get ready for a journey to freedom.

Embracing the Freedom Trap

First things first: who among us doesn’t crave more freedom? Regardless of whether you are embedded in the corporate world or braving the wilds of entrepreneurship, that thirst for autonomy resonates with us all. We yearn to escape the cubicle confines, to carve our path, to wield the power to implement our ideas without endless bureaucratic hoops to jump through. But it’s time to ask ourselves: are we truly seeking freedom or are we just falling into another trap?

Spoiler Alert: Freedom is not a choice between entrepreneurship and corporate life.

The Irony of Entrepreneurship

Now, let me spin you a yarn about the entrepreneurial world – a domain often celebrated as the promised land of freedom. And while the freedom to call the shots can be exhilarating, we mustn’t forget the flip side of this shiny coin. With great power comes great responsibility. And when the business isn’t soaring high, you’re likely mired in constant financial worries, working harder than ever, yet chained to the very freedom you sought.

Entrepreneurship does not guarantee freedom; it simply rearranges your struggles.

The Misunderstood Virtue of Corporate Life

Okay, let’s pivot to the corporate life. Often stigmatised as the realm of the wage-slaves, there’s more freedom here than you might suspect. The first step is to shed the notion that you are working ‘for‘ someone else. It’s a toxic narrative. Instead, understand that every individual in an organisation, from the entry-level up to the C-suite, has the power to shape their reality and find their freedom within the corporate framework.

Working ‘with’ a company, not ‘for’ a company, can be your ticket to freedom.

Chapter 4: A Fundamental Paradigm Shift – “With” vs “For”

The key to unlocking this freedom lies in a small shift in perspective – changing the ‘for’ to a ‘with’. Consider the difference in emotion when you say “I work with Simone” instead of “I work for Simone”. It’s a collaborative, empowering approach where you are working in tandem towards shared dreams and goals. This paradigm shift allows you to fulfil your dreams without the need to tread the risky path of entrepreneurship.

You don’t work for Hitachi or Google. You work with them to fulfil your dreams.

Falling in Love with Work

It’s all about falling in love – not just with your partner, kids, or hobbies, but also with your job. Find aspects of your work to be passionate about, keep rediscovering what made you choose your path in the first place, and keep falling in love over and over again.

Find the passion in your work and you’ll unlock a reservoir of freedom.

The Power of ‘With’ – A Concluding Thought

The quest for freedom is less about escaping a situation and more about reshaping your understanding of it. The magic lies in acknowledging that you are working with others, with your organisation, with a shared vision, not just toiling away for someone else’s gain.

By embracing the word ‘with’, you transform your workplace from a trap into a launchpad for your dreams.

As we conclude our journey, remember, the search for freedom is a personal, ever-evolving quest. Start by asking yourself this question:

Are you using your work as a way to fulfil your dreams, or are you letting your work control your life?


Now, here is a small quiz to help you discover how free you are and reflect on your current situation.

1. Are you seeking freedom from your work, or freedom within it?

Rate yourself on a scale from 1 to 5. If you’re constantly longing for freedom from your work, rate yourself closer to 1. If you’re seeking freedom within your work, rate yourself closer to 5.

2. Are you working for someone else, or are you working with someone else to achieve your dreams?

If you feel that you’re merely working ‘for’ someone else, rate yourself closer to 1. If you see yourself working ‘with’ others towards shared objectives, rate yourself closer to 5.

3. Are you in love with your work or just in love with the idea of it?

If your job brings you fulfilment and joy, rate yourself closer to 5. If you’re clinging to a romanticised concept of your work, rate yourself closer to 1.

4. Are you using your work as a way to fulfil your dreams, or are you letting your work control your life?

If you’re using your work as a tool to fulfil your dreams, rate yourself closer to 5. If you feel your work is controlling your life, rate yourself closer to 1.

5. What if true freedom doesn’t come from starting your own company, but from shifting your perspective about your current work?

If you believe freedom lies in changing your mindset about your current job, rate yourself closer to 5. If you believe freedom comes solely from entrepreneurship, rate yourself closer to 1.

Now, add up your scores. The maximum score is 25.

  • If you scored between 5 and 10, you might feel trapped in your current work situation. It’s time to reevaluate and consider making some changes to improve your freedom.
  • If you scored between 11 and 20, you’re on your way to experiencing work freedom, but there’s still room to grow and change your mindset.
  • If you scored between 21 and 25, congratulations! You’ve embraced a mindset that allows for significant freedom within your work and life.

Remember, this scale is just a tool to help you self-reflect. The real journey towards freedom begins with you and your mindset.

Why not exploring your own, and discover a new range of possibilities with the 60-day journey?

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