06 November, 2023

When ‘Cheaper’ Costs More: The Hidden Tax of Time in Savings?

06 November, 2023

A Journey Beyond the Conventional: My Innovative Gym Experience

Have you ever felt there is a better way of doing things just after a few minutes to come back into the old way because the new seemed too long, too expensive or just simply you didn’t understand it?

Today I will share with you my “innovative gym experience”. It is not about the gym itself neither about promoting this kind of a gym but a deeper reflection on how we humans are wired, how we make decisions, what stop us and what “rich” people do differently.

As a curious innovator, I like seeking new experiences, checking what is out there and trying new things. My new thing was a “speed Gym”.

How to read this:

To you: “While reading, get into that space, watch out what comes out for you, which elements resonate with you and which ones trigger you.”

An Innovative Gym Experience

Apparently, this novel gym program was supposed to give me the same results as 4 hours in the normal gym, but in 20 min.

Yes, sure I don’t believe it… My head started spinning. But I am curious and I took the offer of checking it.

First Impressions: Electrifying Beginnings

Arriving, being greeted and attached to electrodes that are due to stimulate the muscles while exercising. Here we go, working out for 20 minutes.

Tailored, personal experience – I like that. My coach is regulating the power exactly to my needs, speed and individual parts of the body. Wow, I get exactly what I need. Personal attention feels good.

Price: it costs 3 times more than a normal gym and I can go only once a week (compared to the gym where I can go as much as I want).

A Shift in Perspective: Measuring True Results

Now If I want to have the same results I have to go to the gym 4 hours a week here I do it in 20 minutes. Plus walk, shower preparation not forgetting on motivating myself and overthinking why is not a good time, overcoming, rain, storm, hungry children and of course a hard day at work.

The real cost of the same results could be more than 10 hours a week. In addition, research tells us gym memberships attendance dropped by 50% within the first month. After 3 months, only 10% of members still carry on. So results are very poor.

In the new concept, I got an appointment, personal attention, and time. It doesn’t matter how many times I can go, it matters the results I get out of it.

I got my results.

Challenging Conventional Wisdom

Some people might say: “This kills the joy of doing the exercises or sport.”

Maybe for some people but for me, I prefer to go for a bike ride, or play squash or even run but not to stay 5 hours in the stinky gym. What about you? By cardio itself I cannot achieve the same results – different types of exercises and results.

Others might say: “Oh no this is cheating”

This one is interesting. This is cheating because without hard and painful work you’re not deserving the results. You didn’t go through the hard work to your success. There is always hard work but it doesn’t have to feel hard, that is the difference.

You can place the energy in a different place. The choice is yours.

The Value of Time, Energy, and Results

“Rich people” value more time and energy than money, why?

“Because they have money and can focus on other things, haha.”

No, because they know that they can spend more time doing things they love, while making more money.

This is never about money in the first place.

So what is it about?

Putting the energy where it matters the most.

Same principle applies to education and development. Think about endless online courses we take, finished or unfinished, the certificates that hang on the wall but not doing what they are supposed to do.

How much time do you spend on studying? How much time on applying what you have learned?

I love that analogy with the gym. It explains so beautifully how we make decisions. What do you think?

Imagine a perfect way to spend your day, without extra effort, doing what you love and at the same time excelling at your professional life. Easier and with much better results.

We often compare on price forgetting that behind this number is our time and energy.

Why are we doing it?

Because we want to have results.

Would you choose an online cheaper membership course? Or a tailored, private transformation experience exactly fitted to your needs and desires?

If you are like me and love those tailored effective solutions without spending endless years, you will love our programs. Specially designed and tailored to your personal and professional needs. Adjusting and progressing as you go and as you grow.

Postscript: The Power of Collective Drive

In my subsequent sessions, the presence of 2 others amplified the experience. Together, we find motivation, pushing each other towards greatness. In a small group, with this exceptional personalized solution, we are indeed stronger.

If this resonates with you, let’s have a conversation and delve into my new Masterpiece Goldmine Mastermind or your Tailored Designed Christmas event

Together, let’s uncover the full potential of what we can achieve.

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