07 November, 2022

Uncovered Future Opportunities system: Skills of the Future Level 2

07 November, 2022

The skills of the future

Navigating in uncertain world is like getting into a space ship and taking off. You dont know what is out there. We simply dont know, how far we go, what is behind the next corner and what news we will receive. 

We simply have to learn and simply navigate it. Get into this Ship that will take us into the future. 

We have heard a lot about Adaptive leadership, Learning Agility, Strategic agility, Fast Decision making and Judgment, the number 1 skill following WEF ranking for 2030.

The UFO (Uncovered Future Opportunities) ship, taking us into UNKNOWN, is based on the understanding what makes our clients have that switch or turning point, where they get to the take-off point and access level two. Sometimes it takes them longer, and sometimes it happens amazingly fast. I’m getting better at getting them there faster because now I know what it takes. 

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Everyone uses fashionable words, but no one captured the meaning. We talk about agilityleadership, and adaptivity. We are innovative… Whatever you call it, everyone creates fancy labels. Strategic agility, learning agility etc..

But the truth is that we know, but we don’t do it. And no matter how much you know what agility is, you don’t do it. Something new happens, and we freak out. No one can train those skills, some even would say that you are only born with them but they still indicate your

Based on our research, interviews and our own fast clients results and success I built two level model that clearly explains the way to get those skills and integrate them not only at the theoretical level but deeply execute it at work.

Why we dont get them, despite so much time spent learning them?

Like Maslov’s pyramid, we have basic/primary needs and higher needs. We cannot reach the higher level without satisfying the lower level first. The same principal is with the UFO.

At the “bottom” of the ship we have the 8 primary skills of the future that create the spark, fire, confidence to move into next level. To start the trip.

8 primary skills are like the Steering Wheel that every ship needs, it is the full that requires to take the ship on the road but only by flying you can get the secondary skills. Those eight skills are the primary skills of human beings that have been forgotten. We cannot move to the next level if we don’t master them first.

We cannot move to the next level if we don’t master those fundamental skills.

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Those 8 primary skills where often forgotten. Let’s take courage for instance. Courage was our primary skill. Our ancestors had to be courageous. They had to fight for survival. However nowadays, we don’t have to because we sit in our conditioned smart flats with everything we need. That courage skill has faded because we no longer need to be courageous. But when we stop being courageous, that affects all the other skills.

  1. The first is the primary skills, which are the eight we already have. 1-Courage, 2-curiosity, 3-positive habits and attitude, 4-creativity, 5-analytical thinking, 6-self-discipline, 7-innovation, and 8-co-creation because we all came here to co-create, not to fight. We are part of the larger universe. we call them IGNITE.
  2. When we master those primary skills, we can move into the second level, the secondary skills. Those are decision-making and judgment in the first cycle. And then learning ability, strategic agility, and adaptive leadership those can be ONLY mastered through Real life learning on real life situations and projects. Problem is here that we are scared to take any chances to master them because we do not have the above one.
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Now, we must go through the first eight skills of the future, the primary skills, and then people can move to the higher level.

This is what makes our clients so unstoppable. They master the basic primary skills, strategically, until they become habitual.

Our Ignite program trains the primary skills and helps people access the secondary skills mastered within the follow-up real projects programs. So, learning agility is becoming present because they can act without fear and in new situations. At the secondary level of the Steering Wheel, you are building up the different layers, and you can become an adaptive, transformational leader

The UFO (Uncovered Future Opportunities) System

The UFO is taking us into UNKNOWN, is based on understanding what makes our clients have that switch or turning point, where they get to the take-off point and access level two.

Why do people struggle so much with it, even though we have put so much energy into it? BECAUSE, we KNOW in theory, but we do NOT DO it. The secondary skills are tied to the front cortex. So, for the crocodile brain, we need the skills of survival, courage, curiosity, and all those skills we don’t need anymore. As in the Maslow’s pyramid, we want to observe and use the secondary skills of self-esteem in theory. But if we have weak foundation, we do not master the first level, we will never be able to move into the second level, without collapsing. 

So, if basic needs are not met, if the fundamental skills are not mastered at the habitual level, people will not be able to act because the secondary level is based on the primary and the habitual.

People don’t know how to react to new situations, if they don’t develop habits. They will react to past situations because this is how we’ve been living on automatic mode.

What’s next?

A mind-blowing month of November is ahead of us. Based on that learning, we’ve created a life-transforming experience. 

I’ll show you details our new 2-level UFO system, designed to give you the key elements to your success. 

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