Navigating the Unknown – A Compass for Evolving Leaders

27 September, 2023

Part 1: Born Wise, Then Educated: Our Journey from Intuitive Wisdom to Conditioning

The Illusion of knowing

As infants, our world is dictated by intuition and curiosity. This innate wisdom is our guiding star. Yet, with time and social norms, structured learning often takes precedence. We’re taught to fit in molds, to pursue standardised paths: secure a job, climb the career ladder, start a family, buy a house.

And that’s what I did, even though I was thinking about, maybe to start a business,… I quickly dismissed it… whatever, that was not in my way.

So I did, I got a job, da-da-da. I got everything what I thought I could at that time, which is a great house, great family, awesome husband, very well-paid job, two or three master’s degrees, la-la-li-la-la.

And then it came, it’s like, okay, that’s it. I am not UNHAPPY…

There’s this echoing question: 

Is this all there is?

I know it all? I did it all and SO WHAT?

You start to doubt yourself and doubt everything.

But wait… Is it a crisis or rather a search?

Let’s start by listening to what I do know… and walk into unknown with joy and courage!

Let’s listen what I do know…

Story behind the 6th sense

That was the beginning of the state of listening to intuition, listening to what’s happening and taking actions. At that stage comes all these negative implications of low self-esteem, low confidence that led to inaction.

We have intuition, but we cannot hear it. It is lost in the noise of outside voices and daily life, what should be done. We have those goals, but we just simply don’t have ability to make them happen because we don’t know what is the next step, we get stuck, we start to doubt ourselves.

When you start to take action, you start to hear more your intuition. How the intuition speaks to us is through small steps of actions. That’s purely being out of the comfort zone. You hear things, even the ones you don’t want, don’t feel like… you cannot do it. But when you start to do just those things, you hear more of it, you know, and start to trust it more.

So that’s where my theory comes from… on part 2!

Quick Reflect: Are your actions purely a chase for social validation, or do they echo your inner voice and genuine desires?

Part2: The Theory of Intuitive Growth Phases: A Beacon for Leaders Navigating the Unknown

Phase 1: Conventional Pursuit (KNOWING the PATH)

During the initial phase of life, we prioritise achieving social norms and following established paths.

  • Confidence is high due to clear steps and social expectations.
  • Intuition exists but is often overlooked in favor of achieving common milestones.
  • Actions are guided by external influences and expectations.

Phase 2: Intuitive Exploration (MIDDLE LIFE CRISIS – QUESTIONING TIME)

As life progresses, a shift occurs towards self-discovery and personal growth.

  • Intuition gains prominence, urging us to explore unknown paths and inner desires.
  • Confidence wavers in the face of uncertainty, but growth potential is higher.
  • Inspired actions, driven by intuition, replace traditional goal-driven actions.

The middle crisis is here; it actually pushes us to reflect. Often people stay there for the rest of their life, but wait, there is more…

More to the UNKNOWN?

Yes, we all want to know what is next, but true success is in the unknown in phase 3.

Phase 3: Navigating the Unknown

The journey towards fulfilment involves embracing the unknown with trust and faith.

  • Intuition becomes the compass guiding decisions and actions.
  • Confidence is reestablished through the alignment of actions with inner purpose.
  • Success now depends on navigating the uncharted territory of intuitive exploration.

💡 Thought-provoking Question: Where do you currently stand in the Intuitive Growth Phases? Are you adhering to the roadmap handed over by society or crafting your own?

Conclusion: The Theory of Intuitive Growth Phases proposes that personal growth involves a transition from conforming to social norms to embracing intuition-driven actions. The journey unfolds through phases of conventional pursuit, intuitive exploration, and navigating the unknown. Embracing uncertainty and trusting one’s inner compass lead to self-discovery, fulfilment, and the realisation of unique potential.

Final Thoughts & Future Readiness

In a world marked by volatility and uncertainty, readiness for the future is not just about acquiring skills but also about tuning into your intuitive compass. The Intuitive Growth Phases theory suggests that your evolution is a dance between social expectations and intuition’s silent call, leading you through unseen bends towards true fulfilment and readiness for the challenges and opportunities the future holds.

Reflection Time! 🌟 How ready are you for the future?

  • A. Still following society’s plan, not yet prepared for unexpected turns.
  • B. Starting to tune into your inner voice, slightly ready for what lies ahead.
  • C. Fully embracing intuition as your guide, ready to navigate the unknown future confidently.

Let me know in comment below!

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